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Montezuma, Puntarenas
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Location: Montezuma, Puntarenas, Costa Rica
Incredible opportunity for individuals interested in running a business in the eclectic, bohemian beach town of Montezuma. A vibrant place along beautiful pockets of the coast line within the Gulf of Nicoya. This jungle paradise is filled with nature, magic, and community.

One of Montezuma’s signature places where a vibrant mix of nourishing cuisine, live music, and a joyous atmosphere blend together to create an unforgettable affair. Orgánico Café has been a key component of the town’s ambiance and attractions for over 12+ years. It has filled the streets with music and celebrated all forms of art for all to enjoy. The current business owner has created a stage where each and everyone is welcome to share their talents. A place with expression is a core focus. This in turn has attracted large and lively crowds, both local and international, to come together in a space to dance, sing, and enjoy themselves.

An extremely successful business, with an impeccable history, a large following, and loyal clientele, staff, and musicians. Orgánico Café has created a space with a unique experience that adds so much character and connection to the community that is Montezuma. All documents are up to date, including operation permits and patents. The current owner has kept excellent records of all financial transactions, incomes, expenses, and tax payments. The purchase of this business includes any current permits, patents, rental space agreements, business name, furnishings, social media accounts, and webpages.

This business has been a lengandy staple in the area and will continue to live on and thrive with its next owner and managers. The ideal place to run an all day cafe and restaurant while keeping the open mic night alive. A space for artists and musicians to showcase their talents while it is celebrated and appreciated by others. Within the building’s contract agreements, where Orgánico is established, are opportunities for further development of the space including an upper level, rooftop, or balcony area. This additional level would have an ocean view due to its prime location just steps away from the beaches of Montezuma.

The restaurant space includes a kitchen, dining room with a stage, additional closed off lounge area or dining room, storefront/bar/cashier area, and roofed patio off to the side. Right on the corner and main road of town, this business has always had crowds filling their seats and pouring out along its stairway and road front. It has lit up this area of town where all can come and have a good time. Nightly live music performances brought a certain ambiance to the area that kept things interesting.

Certainly one of the most fun and entertaining places to be when in Montezuma. The great, steady, and successful business model this establishment holds would be an investor's dream. Sure to benefit anyone who takes over. The transition would also be extremely simple as this business has created strong ties with the community, artisans, and local musicians. Many individuals in the community see this place as an asset and what makes Montezuma feel like home. It is widely appreciated and loved by many.

The possibilities with the business are endless as it has already created a strong, fruitful, and prosperous foundation. Those that have previous experience operating or managing restaurants, and events spaces would flourish and thrive. This would be a profitable business for those looking to take advantage of this excellent economic opportunity.

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